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26th September 2023

3rd July 2024
6th December 2023
11th December 2024
NEW ZEALAND 2024                     25th September 2024  
- dates to be advised 
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The International Netball Festival Inc


The International Netball Festival Inc is proud to bring you this EXTRAORDINARY netball competition for netball teams from around the world to play against local community netball teams and experience their culture. 

Our mission is to GIVE BACK to communities, by bringing families and youth together by blending cultures, communities and countries through Netball.

INF MOTTO - To provide an extraordinary opportunity that gives the players a focus to travel the world through netball. 

Lets encourage the girls to stay in the game and off the street, which supports mental health and wellbeing!


INF provides an Inspiration Speaker engaging youth in Community Words and YOU Matter


INF is very proud to host events on the Gold Coast, Australia, Christchurch, New Zealand and Lautoka, Fiji annually for teams of all nationalities, from social and competitive Clubs and Schools locally and overseas. INF is planning to bring this extraordinary netball festival back to Vanuatu in the near future. (postponed due to Covid).

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