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Samoa Netball Festival

10-18 April 2025
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This Netball Festival combines NETBALL, CULTURE, COMMUNITY and GIVING BACK creating an experience of a lifetime.


Sponsor 1/2 registration for a local team, visit Samoan villages, Islands and play against local and international teams

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Netball Courts


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Experience an incredible cultural journey, make lasting connections, and enjoy social or competitive games at the International Netball Festival in Samoa 2025.


In 2023, Samoa College participated in the Gold Coast 2023 Festival, and we had the pleasure of visiting them in Samoa. We were captivated by their hospitality and enthusiasm, leading to an invitation to bring teams to compete and enjoy their wonderful hospitality.


Cultural Immersion:      Explore village life in Samoa and visit the Cultural Centre. Experience demonstrations of traditional dances and customs


Your teams will have the opportunity to connect with local and international teams, fostering lifelong friendships. 

Option to bring sporting donations to support local communities, enhancing their sports facilities and opportunities.


Our Objectives:

  • Encourage netballers to compete against teams from around the world, fostering growth and competition 

  • Provide opportunities for local teams to participate in top netball events

  • Promote cultural understanding by engaging with different cultures

  • Team Cohesion: Strengthen bonds with coaches, managers, and teammates through shared travel and experiences

  • Enjoy a trip that combines sports, culture, and humanitarian efforts for a truly memorable experience.


This tour offers an extraordinary opportunity for travelling teams to experience life in Samoa. Bring donations such as sports gear, clothing, footwear, and stationery as gifts are always welcome. Local village teams will participate.


A highlight of the trip is experiencing the welcoming and vibrant Samoan culture.

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