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Spirit of the Game

Play by the rules, play fair and "in the spirit of the game of Netball".

Contesting the ball is fine. Rough play will be penalised.

The spirit of the game dictates that players make sure they give others on court, often opponents, a fair chance. We encourage Festival players to be good sports and applaud good plays, for your team and the opposition. 

Umpires are to be respected. Positive feedback only on the courts. If there are no umpires, there are no games. Spectators and players, please remember that our umpires are human beings and may miss from time to time. They will do their best. If the umpires are hassled verbally, their umpiring deteriorates. Please try and an boost their confidence. 


We hope that this will encourage everyone to play in the true spirit of the game.







A player must be registered to play in the International Netball Festival BEFORE TAKING THE COURT. 

Play Only

A player must be registered to play in the International Netball Festival BEFORE TAKING THE COURT. Players must also have fully paid before taking the court. 

Playing in a Division

The minimum age to register in the Opens Division is 15 years old.


Players are not permitted to play down a Division. 

Boys (13 years or under) can play in the 13/U Division only. There can only be three (3) boys on the court at any one time in a team - one boy in each third of the court.


Playing in more than one team

Players must not play in more than one team.


Once players are registered in a team, they must stay in that team.

Scorecards and Points

Scoreboards will be placed in the centre of the court.


Scorecards are to be returned to the control desk by the winning team after Umpires have awarded points for 'Fair Play' and signed the sheet.


A scorer from each team must be supplied. Scorers must stand next to each other while scoring.


Points table will be positioned outside the clubhouse.

Blood Policy

Play shall cease immediately when blood is noticed. The player must leave the court immediately and may be replaced. The injured player may return to the court at the next centre pass if the blood flow has ceased, the wound cleaned and covered. If a shooter is injured, the team may change one other player one the court to take that position. Stoppages are to be kept to a minimum. 


There will be no time off for minor injury. The player must leave the court immediately and may be replaced. If a shooter is injured, the team may change one other player on the court to take that position. Stoppages are to be kept to a minimum.


There will be a two (2) minute injury timeout. If a player is substituted due to injury, player positions may be changed on the court.

Wet Weather

The Tournament Director will make wet playing decisions. Games may be played in the rain unless a decision is made by the Tournament Director to postpone play. On the Gold Coast, it can be pouring one minute and fine for the rest of the day.


Competition Points

Three (3) points for a win, two (2) points for a draw and one (1) point for a loss.

Tie in Competition Points

If there is a tie with competition points at the end of competition, the team's placing in the ladder will be determined by the following, in this order:

  1. The result of the game between the 2 teams - if that was a draw then,

  2. A count back of goal difference - Goals For vs Goals Against. The team with the biggest goal difference will qualify ahead in the ladder - if that is equal then,

  3. Fair play points as awarded by the umpires - if this is equal then,

  4. A toss of the coin by the Tournament Director with the 2 team captains. (The team who has travelled furthest to the Festival will call the toss.)

Draw at the End of a Final

Three (3) minutes extra time each way. If it is still a draw then it will be the first team to reach a two (2) goal lead.

Insurance Recommendation for  Teams:

Travelling teams will be offered Travel Insurance prior to leaving ther home town.

Local teams are to make sure there clubs or private insurance will cover you incase of a major enjury.

Netball Festival Insurance Program has a  minimum level of cover means this Program is not "comprehensive" and as such we encourage all participants to review their own individual needs and circumstances and where appropriate take out Private Health, Life and Income Protection Insurance. It is an individual's responsibility to ensure that he/she has adequate insurance cover for his/her needs.

Extraordinary Netball Carnivals

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