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Here's some great ideas for fundraising from schools for your participation in the International Netball & Rugby Festival.


With all events, sending out flyers, emails and text reminders are a must. Create a distribution EMAIL list on your computer of parents of children on the tour. It helps keep the families involved.  People run busy lives so they appreciate these reminders.


Please talk to us about a raffle prize for flights.



Run it during the week in the foyer or where everyone can see them or at a FAIR or CAR WASH.

Ask locals for prizes. Have as many prizes as you can and put a box in front of the prize with an opening to drop tickets in.

Sell sheets of 20 numbers for $5.00 per sheet. $13 for three sheets. (They are all the same numbers and the customer keeps a copy of the number as does the seller.)

Place as many tickets in as many boxes against a prize you want to win.

It is addictive.


Gala Day

This can be a two hour event at extended lunch time no outlay of money.


  • Cup cake decorating stall - $1.00 small, $1.50 large to decorate a cupcake

  • Balloon blaster - $2.00 a dart - win the prize according to the number in the balloon

  • Sell toasted sandwiches, ice cream sundaes, sweets, sausage sizzle, hot chips etc

  • Pick a box

  • Raffles

  • Games

Very simple but is a great hit.


Trivia Night

Best night to hold these are mid week. Provide drink and nibbles.

Sell tickets for around $10-$15 each.

Sell tickets for teams of four or five.

Spot prizes from local businesses.


Email a fancy flyer and send out a printed flyer to all the Club members and friends.


Movie Tickets

Buy movie tickets in bulk and sell at a reduced price.

Put on wine, beer or juice prior to the movie. Sell by the glass or beer bottle etc.

Supply a few free nibbles.


Car Wash

$10 per car - wash cars at your local service station or similar.

After church is a good time or at a sport event eg rugby, netball games.

Everyone brings a bucket and lots of cleaning sponges/cloths.

Extraordinary Netball Carnivals

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