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INF Fiji - Humanitarian and Culture Netball Tour


This is a humanitarian and culture netball tour. We don’t do 5-star Island Resorts. Accommodation is 3star on the beach nice and clean, Fijian Resorts.

This is a unique tour. We take you to see the grass roots of Fiji which so many people never see.

When travelling to Fiji we ask you to show patience, consideration and respect for their culture.

One thing to note is that everything in Fiji runs on ‘island time’ or ‘Fiji time’.  Things happen when it happens so you just need to simply ‘go with the flow’.

Fijians are some of the world’s most helpful and friendly people and that’s why they are classed as the most hospitable people on the planet. This is the Fijian culture and you should be respectful of the way they operate.

Buses often arrive late and things don’t always start on time. This is their culture. Please respect it and embrace it.

Once you set foot in Fiji, it’s time to chill out, slow down and go with the flow, in order to enjoy and experience what this country offers, otherwise you are going to need a lot of Kava.

When visiting the local villages, avoid wearing a hat in the village, as it is considered an insult to a chief and please do not wear shoes in people’s houses. clothes pas the knee and shoulders covered.

The players and adults will have a lifetime experience and be immersed in the hospitality of the Fijian culture.

Relax – enjoy – go with the flow in Fiji TIME!!!

From the team at International Netball Festival Inc

Things to know when you are travelling to Fiji

  1. Please arrive at your International Airport 2 ½ hours before the departure time. It takes longer to go through as a group.

  2. Please have a large NOTE on your BAG – TAKE PASSPORT TO THE AIRPORT!

  3. Everyone, please take a photocopy of your passport with you and leave another copy at home. Your tour manager can take the insurance policy number with them for the whole group.

  4. Money exchanged at your local bank is cheaper than exchanging it in Fiji. Call your local bank first to make sure Fijian dollars are at the bank or change at the airport. We suggest that you change approx. AU$200.00 per person = approx. $300 Fijian. 

  5. There is not a lot to buy in Fiji. 

  6. You can use credit cards in Fiji. Normal charges will apply on credit cards in Fiji.

  7. You can also get a cash passport where you put a set amount of money in it and transfer it as you require it. Ask your bank or post office for more details.

  8. You can change more money easily in Fiji if you need to.

No vaccines are required

Check out the website below for handy things to know whilst travelling in Fiji

What you can and cannot take on AIRCRAFT

  • Take a pen to fill out departure cards (collect at the airport at check in).

  • No more than 7kg in a carry-on bag plus your handbag and laptop.

  • You cannot take any fluid past Customs over 100ml.

  • All fluids under 100ml (even lipsticks) must be in a zip lock bag, like kids use for lunches.

  • Each person has the following weight limits for luggage:

    • JETSTAR 20KG

    • FIJI AIR 23KG

    • VIRGIN 23KG

    • Air NZ 23KG

  • Most people only take between 15-17 kgs as its all summer clothes and netball gear.


  • Drink bottles can be taken but need to be empty when we go through security. Once you have been through Customs, you can fill them at a water fountain before you board the plane. You will have plenty of time.

  • You can take food on board if your flight does not have full service.

    • Fiji Airways is full service with food and drinks provided.

    • Jetstar and Virgin Airlines, you need to pay for drinks and food on-board. Water is free. You can take food on the plane but not off the plane. Nuts and sunflower seeds etc are ok.

  • Do not lock your bags for the flight.  If you would like to keep your bags locked in Fiji at the hotels you can. I never have, it has always been safe. There is a safe in all rooms to use for passports.

Meals on the airline

  • No special meals are available on these flights.

  • The airlines do have options on board, one being Vegetarian. However, they do not have any specific Gluten Free meals etc.

  • To give you an idea, we have 3 meal types on board (Hot Protein, Hot Vegetarian, Cold Salad).

  • As you can appreciate meals are subject to availability and therefore the clients' preferred option may not be available at time of service.

  • For anyone that is a Vegetarian, I would get them to have a chat to the crew before meal service so that they can do their best to facilitate this.

While you are in Fiji


  • Safety reasons always keep your handbag to the front of you when walking around - your Passport needs to be kept in safe place at all times.

  • Always put your Passport back in the same place in your bag when travelling. Leave it in your rooms in the safe.

  • It is recommended that the Tour Manager/Coach normally collects all Passports after you board the plane and keeps them safe until you get to Fiji.  The Tour Manager/Coach will need to hand them out to the travelers for entry into Fiji. 

  • Suggested Tour mangers collects passports once throguh customers and puts them all in the safe in the accommodation room.    




  • Check out the cost for roaming with your phone provider before you arrive in Fiji.

  • You can clock up $100 without knowing it. TURN YOUR DATA OFF!!!


  • Please refrain from buying a SIM at the airport on arrival as your transport will be waiting. You can buy a SIM from Tappoo City in Lautoka (across the fields from the netball courts).




Beachcomber Island Day Trip

  • Many people get BURNT on this day, so slip, slop, slap! If you get burnt it will ruin your next few days.

  • Take plenty of sunscreen, there is plenty of shade there.

  • After breakfast, you will make your way to the jetty at Anchorage Beach Resort.  For those staying at other accommodations, you will be transferred to the jetty by bus.  You will board the boat and travel to the island.

  • You will be able to swim, snorkel, laze on the beach, explore the island etc.

  • Lunch is included.

  • Remember to drink lots of water.

  • You will need to take towels from the Resort.  You will be charged on the island for them 

  • Costs for the following will apply:

    • Beach towel FJ$3.00

    • Beach lounges FJ$7.00

    • Beach umbrellas FJ$7.00

    • Snorkelling gear

    • Single Kayak 30min FJ$15.00, 1hour FJ$25.00

    • Double Kayak 30min FJ20.00, 1hour FJ$30.00  


Mud Baths

  • Village and Mud Bath information sheet

  • You will need to wear old swimmers as the mud may not wash out completely.

  • Bring a towel.

  • Bring a change of clothes if your group is going to the Zipline after.

  • Remove shoes before entering bures.



Meet and Greet & Team Acts

It is fun for teams to entertain at the Dinner

  • Team Acts can be anything so start preparing for a bit of fun.

  • Lip Sync to a song, choreographed dance, fun skit, traditional anything. There is always an entertainer in a team.

  • Use props or bring some dress ups with you.


  • The water is safe to drink in Fiji.

  • Water will be provided at the tournament.

  • If you wish to purchase bottled water, please ask your bus driver and he will stop at the supermarket.

  • There are supermarkets opposite the courts in Lautoka, if you need more.


  • For airport arrivals and departures, you will meet at the airport.

  • Once you have cleared Customs at the airport, please make your way to where you will be greeted and shown to your bus.

  • For the rest of the tour, you will be travelling on local buses, provided by KBL or Classic Transport.  They will be transporting you to and from the courts, to and from the dinners and to and from the activities. (Please be aware they run on ‘Fiji Time’, so please don’t get anxious if they are a little late, we have allowed for this in our timings).

  • If you wish to stop off at a supermarket at anytime, just let the driver know and he will kindly stop. They love little gifts and tips as a thank you as they don't get paid much. 


Resort Washing Facilities

(Approximate costs @ 2018)

  • netball dress FJ$2.00-$6.00

  • bummers FJ$1.00-$6.00

  • pair of socks FJ$0.75-$6.00

Sponsorship of Fijian Netball Teams - Giving Back

As part of your package, your travelling team will half SPONSOR a Fijian netball team
Wonderful benefits for sponsoring a Fijian netball team
  • Help netball teams who don’t have the opportunity to play in this INF event.

  • You will meet the netball team you sponsor for the Festival at the Meet and Greet.

  • Exchange contact details. Be friends for life - send letters the old-fashioned way.

  • Give them gifts and see their smiles.

  • Get photos with them and maybe their families.

  • Learn about their culture and let them know about yours. Take photos of your family and life in your home town.

  • Support each other’s teams during the International Netball Festival.

  • You will receive the sponsoring team’s information prior to departing.

  • If you choose, you can purchase a souvenir International Netball Festival singlet to give to them.

The Fijian Netball Official will select teams for you to sponsor and arrange you to meet them at the Meet and Greet and give them gifts.
Remember to take lots of photos. This is an experience of a lifetime.
The International Netball Festival team will make this happen for your team.
Donations for Fiji netball teams
  • Suggested gift ideas for these teams would be:

    • pairs of white sports socks​

    • netball

    • Aussie souvenirs

    • marker pens

    • pens

    • simple English reading books

    • colouring books and textas

    • old uniforms

    • team bibs, whistles, cones

    • training equipment

    • good old sneakers

    • good quality clothes. They wear white to Sunday Mass

    • lollies from Australia

    • pharmacies will often give you expired items. Adults love hand lotions, lipstick, hair clips and hair ties etc

  • Fijian teams you also play against love little Aussie souvenirs​. Have fun handing them out. INF teams line up opposite each other on the mid court and walk up to shake hands which is where you can hand them a small gift eg pen or koala. You will play 7-9 games in the Netball Festival.


The smiles are priceless!

Travelling team with their sponsored team

Things to bring to Fiji

  • Passport & e-tickets

  • Wallet. Fiji Money, credit card, passport credit cards from banks and post office are available.

  • Insurance Policy

  • Sunscreen

  • Insect repellent

  • Sunglasses

  • Hat

  • Water bottle

  • Rashie for the island day

  • Remember, medication if you take it. If it is a prescription medication take the prescription with you.

  • Personal items such as strapping if you use it.

  • Small first aid kit with plasters, Panadol etc. You can purchase supplies there but handy to have on you as we may not be near the shops often.

  • Snacks – eg: biscuits, chips, muesli bars, coffee, vegemite, cheese, dips as long as they are not open and sealed in their packages.  Food is expensive in Fiji, both in the resorts and in the supermarkets.

  • Water bottle. Water is safe to drink there. You can request the bus to stop at a supermarket to buy bottled water if you want it. Water is also available at the resorts. You need to be very clear to the driver and make sure he understands you want to STOP.

  • Umbrella for the rain and maybe the sun on game days.

  • Bring old swimmers for the visit to the Mud Baths.

  • Washing – if you wish to use the resorts laundry facilities, it’s a good idea to bring a large sack for washing so that items do not get lost. The accommodation will charge for washing machines. If you are handwashing, bring a snap lunch bag of washing powder or exit soap to do a little washing. 

  • Day pack or bag to take to the netball courts.

  • Ball pump.

  • Hand towel for game days – Beach/pool towels are provided by the resorts. Spray bottle to cool you down between games.

  • Insect repellent - I have never found it a problem but best to be prepared.

  • Phone charger - power points/plugs are the same as Australia.

  • Gifts for villages, orphanages schools if you are visiting these places.

  • Fiji time is 3 hours ahead of Queensland.

  • Learn 'Bula' (Hello in Fijian) - it is polite to use this at all times as it is a sign of respect.

  • Learn 'Vinaka' (Thank you in Fijian) - it is polite to use this at all times as it is a sign of respect.

  • There is limited Wi-Fi at all accommodation. It is not reliable and normally slow in rooms.


It is Fiji time so enjoy the relaxed manner they have. You may need to ask twice or follow up on things if you make special requests.

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