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Dates to be announced for the next
Vanuatu Netball Festival
DIVISIONS - U/13's, U/15's, U/18's, Opens

Location of games

Registration closes 2 weeks before the festival

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The International Netball Festival team are very excited to bring you its fourth international location - Port Vila, Vanuatu. Just like our other three international netball festivals, netball teams from around the world are welcome to join the festival to play competitive and social games with local Ni-Vanuatu.

The INF Fiji has rewarded visiting teams an amazing opportunity to experience life and culture in that country with the value being reciprocated for the local Fijians and their communities by visits to the local villages, netball games, sponsorship, interactions and donations. Vanuatu will reward players, their coaches and supporters and the Ni-Vanuatu similarly.


Our objectives of the INF Vanuatu are to:

  • support the local Ni-Vanuatu netball communities by encouraging netballers to play against teams from around the world

  • sponsor local teams to give them the opportunity to play in top netball events

  • build team bonding and personal growth with confidence

  • understand the culture from other countries

  • support netballers to build their netball skills as individuals, with a netball clinic and as a team, to gain knowledge by seeing how netballers from other countries train and play

  • create volunteer netball programs locally and internationally

  • meet other netballers from around the world

  • learn how to travel and live as a group

  • bond with teachers, coaches and their team, not only by playing netball but by living and travelling together

  • participate in top international competition

  • experience a trip of a lifetime!


Extraordinary Netball Carnivals

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